Brad & Justin's Alaska Trip - 2008

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Wasilla / Kozey Cabins - Little Su day 1 - Little Su day 2 - Hatcher Pass

Grouse Ridge Shooting Grounds - Hatcher Pass Summit Lake - Matanuska Glacier

Wildlife Center / Portage Glacier - Big River Lake / Wolverine Creek / Bears - Spurrview House


Here’s a quick recap of our Alaska Trip:

Day 1: Got to Anchorage about 2:00pm and headed up to Wasilla. Stayed at the Kozey Cabins. Man it's good to be back "inside".

Day 2: Fished the Little Su River with some friends from So. Cal. Andy from Fishtale River Guides put us on some nice silver salmon. Picked up Justin (Marisa's son) from the airport.

Day 3: Justin and I fished the Little Su with Kevin from Rainbow River Expeditions. It was slow at first, but Kevin found "the spot" and we limited out on silvers. Shot the Alaska State Sporting Clays Championship preliminary event at Grouse Ridge Shooting Grounds. GRSG is what all sporting clays clubs should be like. Drove up to Hatcher Pass and Summit Lake.

Day 4: Shot the first day of the Alaska State Sporting Clays Championship. Everything's tough in Alaska. The men are tough, the women are tough, and the targets are tough. Drove over Hatcher Pass, all the way to Willow.

Day 5: Shot the second day of the Alaska State Sporting Clays Championship. I took 4th place in my class; they gave out trophies to 3rd place. Such is life :) Drove out to the Matanuska Glacier.

Day 6: Justin and I fished the Deshka River with Howard from I Fish Alaska. Had a good time. Limited out on silver salmon. Don't ask Barney to use his "fish call" it aint pretty. Drove up to Talkeetna for pizza.

Day 7: Left Wasilla for Soldotna. Stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center / Portage Glacier & Whittier along the way. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my (no lions or tigers). Stayed in Soldotna at the Spurrview House. Had dinner at the St. Elias Brewing Company.

Day 8: Justin and I went fly fishing with Bill from Spurrview House at his secret spot. Caught and released a bunch of dolly varden. I drove down to Seward to have dinner with my other friend Bill. I forgot how beautiful the drive is.

Day 9: Justin and I flew out with High Adventure Air to Big River Lake / Wolverine Creek. Limited out on silver salmon, and saw lots of bears. Had the best dinner of our trip of my life at Spurrview House (king crab). Spurrview House is what all B&B's strive to be.

Day 10: Drove back to Anchorage, stopped at Bird Creek, flew home (first class).

Day 11 & 12: Slept all day  -  Kozey Cabins - Fishtale River Guides   -  Rainbow River Expeditions - I Fish Alaska   -  Spurrview House  -  High Adventure Air   -  Alaska Airlines