Brad & Marisa's Alaska Trip - 2007

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Wasilla / Little Su River - Lake Creek / McDougall Lodge - Wildlife Center / Portage Glacier

Spurrview House / Wolverine Creek / Bears - Anchorage / Triumvirate Glacier / Mount Spurr


Here’s a quick recap of our Alaska Trip:

Day 1: Fished the Little Su River with Norm from Rainbow River Expeditions. Limited out on silver salmon. Stayed in Wasilla at the Kozey Cabins.

Day 2: Drove up to Willow. Flew to Lake Creek / Mc Dougall Lodge with Denali Flying Service. Fished Lake Creek with Mc Dougall Lodge. Caught 4 silver salmon. Drove up to Talketna for dinner. Stayed in Wasilla at the Kozey Cabins.

Day 3: Left Wasilla and drove down to Seward for dinner. Stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center / Portage Glacier & Whittier along the way. Stayed in Soldotna at the Spurrview House.

Day 4: Flew out to & fished at Big River Lake / Wolverine Creek with High Adventure Air. Limited out on silver salmon and saw lots of bears. Stayed in Soldotna at the Spurrview House. Had the best dinner of our trip at Spurrview House (king crab).

Day 5: Drove to Anchorage. Flew out to Mount Spurr / Triumvirate Glacier and Beluga Lake with Rusts Flying Service. Stayed in Anchorage.

Day 6: Flew home.

Day 7: Slept late, ate salmon for lunch & dinner :)  -  Kozey Cabins   -  Rainbow River Expeditions   -  Alaska Airlines   -  Spurrview House  -  High Adventure Air